Experience the value Bahama shutters have to offer! They enhance the appearance of any home, offer decorative shade, privacy, sun control and/or hurricane protection.

Bahama, or Bermuda, shutters are a one-piece shutter mounted at a forty-five degree angle above the exterior of your window. The simple and effective structure allows for easy operation from inside or outside the home or building.


These stylish design features are functional and customizable resulting in endless possibilities for your home and specific needs.

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Bahama shutters easily lower and withstand harsh weather conditions, making them an excellent option in hurricane protection.

These louvered shutters made of slats of aluminum can be extruded or roll form, welded or mechanical and are a smart choice for any style of home and instantly improves the curb appeal and artistic taste of any property.

They are a fine option for control of the elements as they block harmful sun rays while allowing natural air ventilation. By reducing the amount of heat gained through your windows they increase energy savings. In addition to environmental factors Bahama shutters let in natural light without compromising on your privacy. See how Bahama shutters can change the look and safety of your home!

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